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Corvette Sends Stock Bottom End LS7 into the 8s, New Record

When it comes to any platform, there are usually a good variety of drag racing records that people will attempt to chase down. Many of these records are designed to keep as many stock parts as possible onboard to see just how far certain components can be stretched. Not only does it provide a challenge for the person behind it but it can also show the community just how long they can expect their factory components to last. This time, we check out what just so happens to be the fastest stock bottom end LS7. Apparently, the engines found stock in the C6 Z06, are good for a pretty quick quarter-mile.

In this one, we head down to Cecil County Dragway to watch as a screaming Chevrolet Corvette Z06 takes home the record, managing to use nothing more than some worked factory heads, an aftermarket cam setup, and a little hit of nitrous, as far as the power goes. To get the shifts down, we see an aftermarket automatic transmission in place in order to make the car punch its way right into the eight-second range. With that, we see the one and only stock bottom end LS7 to make its way into the 8s!

To see just how far this motor is able to be pushed is pretty impressive as the Race Proven Motorsports machine manages to find a way to muscle its way down the track, clocking in with a couple of consistent high eight-second passes. Even though the car was designed with performance in mind, I’m not even sure of the engineers at GM saw these factory parts being pushed that far! Check out the BigKleib34 video below to see exactly what this machine is capable of and be sure to tell us what you think of this record that has just been squeezed a little bit deeper.