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You Know You’re Having a Bad Day when the Cops Pull you Over in a Go-Kart

If you should just so happen to be driving around in anything that isn’t a car, maybe you should know that it’s still important to note that you can get pulled over by the police! While it might not be your typical traffic stop, getting pulled over on the likes of a go-kart might not be as improbable as you might think as this driver can now attest to. When the snow started to fall from the sky and this guy decided to take out one of his toys for a little bit of fun in a wintry wonderland, all that fun quickly melted when a police officer would spot the kart out on the streets, shredding up that powdery white.

Now, it appears as if all the police officer wanted to do would be to make this go-kart driver go back home so that he would be out of the way of other motorists who could potentially hurt him, it must’ve been a little bit disheartening to head out like this, ready to rip on your kart and have the most fun you possibly can, only to be stopped by the man. However, I guess at the fact that it was all in this driver’s best interest makes it a little bit more understandable. It’s just a little bit of a bummer to see something like this unfolding, though.

Follow along in the video down below that takes you along for the ride in this winter wonderland and gives you the opportunity to feel exactly what it’s like to ride a go-kart in a snowstorm like this. Now, it does seem like this kart rider is going to head home and listen to the police officer’s instructions but I’m not sure if he’s going to be able to stay home. Sliding around in a machine like that just looks like too much fun to be having out there!