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Could a $10 Tool Replace a $263 Tool to Remove a Rounded Bolt Head/Stud? Let’s Find Out!

There are certain situations that absolutely nobody wants to run into in the garage. From a mechanic just getting going all the way to a seasoned veteran, butting heads with a broken or rounded off bolt head can be a pain. At times, this can turn a 20-minute job into an all-day affair. Depending on how unlucky someone gets, all day could even be turned into a weekend.

Luckily, though, we’re getting to a point where perhaps the tools to tackle the job can make things easier. If there’s one thing that I’ve personally learned with all of my time in the garage, it’s that having the right tools is pretty important. Not only will it ensure that the quality of work is higher. It’ll also ensure that the person doing the work is spending a fraction of the time.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. We all want to take pride in our work. However, there’s no sense in sitting there and struggling when the right tool could come into the equation and make everything that much easier.

As with any other tool, the appropriate unit to remove a rounded off or broken bolt could come in at a variety of different price points. With this, we find different levels of quality and design, the prices range from just $10 to over $200. Is there any way, though, that these two tools could compete with one another at such different price points? Surely, the $200 unit has to have a massive advantage over something that’s just 10 bucks, right?

Well, this time, the goal is to find out just that. The Project Farm YouTube channel has done a bunch of comparisons like this and has gotten pretty good at it! They make sure to answer all of the questions that we have from effectiveness to reliability.

In this one, we’re going to get to the bottom of finding out what the most effective way to extract a nut really is!


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