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Countdown To No Mercy 9! Highlights From The Last No Mercy

Each spring and fall, the premier small tire racers from across the nation converge on the tiny town of Adel, Georgia for a massive party where some great racing breaks out.

In the spring, we gather for Lights Out. In the fall, it’s No Mercy. Both races are the put on by promotional wizard Donald “Duck” Long and his Duck X Productions crew. Held at South Georgia Motorsports Park, Lights Out and No Mercy, known collectively as “Duck’s races”, combine the top tier small tire team with a party atmosphere that truly has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

With the exception of few massive events, like the US Nationals and the Daytona 500, there are no other events that racers, crew members and spectators alike all plan their vacations around so that they can attend. When I use the word spectacle, just know it’s because I can’t find a stronger word that fits the occasion!

From Long’s brainchild Radial vs the World – hands down the baddest class in all of small tire racing period – to X275 to Limited Drag Radial to Pro 275 to Index Racing and every class in between, coming to SGMP to win the unique and prestigious prizes awarded each year by Long ensures instant legend status among your peers and the throngs of fans that pack the stands for each event. From embroidered hats and jackets to swords and champion’s rings and cup style trophies that rival any major sports title, Duck lays it on his winners in grand fashion.

Our partner Hans over at Free Life Films has been on hand for nearly every Duck X Production’s even since the beginning and always captures the action for his fans and customers. He put together a few highlights from last years No Mercy event to help build hype for the upcoming No Mercy 9, coming your way in about a month.

Thanks as always to Duck and his team for putting on our favorite events time and time again as well as rolling out the red carpet and making us feel like part of the family. And thanks to Hans for his excellent footage! We can’t wait to see you guys there in just a few short weeks!


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