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Couple Gets $1,500 Ticket for Parking in Their Own Driveway

Depending on where someone lives, parking can definitely become quite a challenge. In fact, we might even go so far as saying that parking brings a premium in certain areas, even going to the extent of creating a situation where one might have to pay more rent or add to the purchase price for a unit that has a parking space with it.

With that said, in a parking-challenged area of San Francisco, one couple seemed to have it made on that front as they’ve had their very own parking spots on their property. However, before they knew it, the parking space that they had been using for the past 40 years, complete with a carport, would soon become illegal to park in. Apparently, the powers that be in their jurisdiction decided that they would fine the couple $1,542 for parking on their own car pad. This would be compounded at a rate of $250 per day moving forward if the issue wasn’t remedied or if a car was parked there again.

When the couple was inspired to fight back, the parking authorities told the couple that they needed to prove prof that the parking was historic, in which case they would have a waiver granted so that the parking spot would be grandfathered in. I’m not sure if you’ve looked for any historic photos of your house recently but it’s something that would prove to be nearly impossible. When the homeowner did come up with something, an aerial picture from 1938 showcasing a black blob in the driveway that they thought to be a horse and buggy, the officials would claim that the photo was too blurry and couldn’t be used.

Down the video below, we check in with the situation that officials claim has been illegal for some time and has simply flown under the radar. I’m not sure about you but a parking situation like this that says that I’m not even allowed to park in my own driveway would certainly make my blood boil.

Tune in as Steve Lehto explains in more detail.