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Man Has a Meltdown in Driveway as Wife Takes 1000 HP Jeep TrackHawk to Grocery Store

Man Has a Meltdown in Driveway as Wife Takes 1000 HP Jeep TrackHawk to Grocery Store

When it comes to our cars, as automotive enthusiasts, we can tend to be a little bit particular sometimes. Even when it comes to trusting our loved ones behind the wheel, it could be truly difficult to let go of the keys and hand over the opportunity for somebody else to drive. At the end of the day, our blood, sweat, and tears can be invested in making our machines everything that our dreams thought they could be. That’s a lot of sacrifice for somebody who may or may not be able to handle the power that the vehicle creates let alone the opportunity for a freak accident to pop up.

This time, though, a YouTube user by the name of SRTNINJAUSA decided to hand over the keys to his Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk to his wife. For somebody who is not familiar with a platform like this, even handing over the keys in factory stock format could be a little bit much. After all, while it is a Jeep, said Jeep is cranking out over 700 hp which is definitely a ton for somebody who hasn’t driven a fast car before.

We aren’t sure what the case is here but apparently, the owner of this Trackhawk was brave enough to hand over the keys to his wife who wanted to take it to the grocery store. Oh yeah, it’s also worth mentioning that this monster of a machine isn’t creating factory horsepower. Instead, it’s making over 1000 hp which definitely cranks up the anxiety of loaning it out.

Down in the video below, we get to hear the anxiety-filled moment where wifey leaves the driveway and heads to the grocery store with the super loud SUV. Luckily, though, she returns with a massive smile on her face and probably a story about how the paparazzi wanted to take a couple of pictures.


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