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Craig Lieberman Talks GT-R Shopping With Paul Walker

It’s certainly no secret that the automotive community has completely fallen in love with Paul Walker over the years. The late actor not only starred in films from the Fast and Furious universe but many enthusiasts related to him because he was an enthusiast himself instead of just playing one on the screen. There aren’t many people in Hollywood who can represent the car community on the same level that Walker did which was something truly special.

Behind the scenes, according to the film’s technical director, Craig Lieberman, Walker is a muscle car guy for the most part. However, after working around so many tuner cars, the bug seemed to have bitten Walker. With that, his attention would shift focus to imports, and want to add one to his very own collection. As we would later find, Paul’s collection became incredibly eclectic as it seemed like he began to fall in love with a little bit of everything.

This time, Lieberman hops on his YouTube channel and explains to us how exactly the process of helping Walker with some import search went as he went car shopping with Paul.

In the video, he explains to us how he brought up the R34 GT-R, a car that Walker was familiar with because of meetings about car casting in the Fast and Furious films. He also chats a bit about going through some of the specific lanes that it would take to bring such a car into the country and drive it legally on American streets. When it comes to rare rides like the R34, it’s not as simple as tossing it on a boat and sending it to a port to be received.

Down below, we find an interesting anecdote that gives us just another layer to the story of Walker, one of the most beloved people in all of the car community.

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