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Craigslist States “Slightly Used Lexus LFA”… That Had To Hurt!

When it comes to powerful cars like the Lexus LFA that really do a spectacular job of putting on a show just with their presence alone, they might be fun to get behind the wheel of, but with all the attention that you have drawn to yourself by driving one, there is definitely great responsibility that goes along with it. I think it goes without saying that you don’t want to crash any car but with a car like this that costs a pretty penny own, I think it could be just a little bit more painful if you should end up in a situation where damage is done to the vehicle. Tack on the fact that people might be recording it and it’s going to hurt a little bit more.

This time, we’re tossed into the pressure cooker with that exact situation as somebody behind the wheel of one of these beautiful machines just so happened to be one the other end of a camera phone as someone was recording the car in action. As the driver decided to pound into the throttle to maybe show off a little bit or maybe just to see what the car had, a worst-case scenario would unfold right in their lap as the rear end of the car would kick out and skate across the highway, veering in front of a bus before the video would cut out and the car would hit whatever was on the other end of all that momentum.

If you dare to watch a situation like this for yourself, tune in to the video below as it all unfolds right in from of the camera’s lens. If you’re a fan of pretty much anything fast, this one might hit you where it hurts, though. Hopefully, when all is said and done and the dust settles on this one, it didn’t end up being too bad. You really have to feel for anybody who ends up in a position like this one.