Crazy Finish in Chicago Might Be the Best NASCAR Sequence in Years

Why exactly is it that we watch racing? That answer might be just a little bit ...

Why exactly is it that we watch racing? That answer might be just a little bit different for every fan of the sport. However, one thing that I think that we can all pretty much agree on is that we live for those moments that have a couple of talented drivers battling back-and-forth with no clear indication of who exactly is going to go home with victory. It’s these battles that have drivers clawing to get every last advantage that really helps put these kinds of sports on the map and keep fans entertained to the fullest.

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This time, we check out the finish in Chicagoland as a Kyle versus Kyle battle went down with both Kyle Larson and Kyle Busch jockeying for position. However, the closing moments of this NASCAR race weren’t exactly as clean as you would expect. As both drivers were looking to gain any advantage that they could, we would watch as Larson would get into the rear end of Busch, coming around turn two and then Busch would go ahead and return the favor going into turn three, spinning his opposition sideways as he would nearly lose control of his own car in the process.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to watch a sequence of events that might just give you chills as everything here lined up perfectly for one of the most dramatic endings that we’ve seen in a NASCAR race in quite some time.

Following the finish, when asked about the contact, Larson was a good sport about it, admitting that he initiated contact and it was all “fair game” after that, continuing that “if roles were reversed I would have done the same thing” after falling to the runner-up following the run-in for the lead.

After taking the checkered flag and receiving a little bit of heckling from the fans while being interviewed, Busch would retort that “If you don’t like that kind of racing, don’t even watch.”

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