CRAZY – Plane Flying Into a Wave Off Carrier Deck!

There’s something about this footage that is quite eerie. Perhaps it’s ...

There’s something about this footage that is quite eerie. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s in black and white and hasn’t aged that well or maybe it’s the subject matter or a combination of both.

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In either case, what we’re up against here is an incredibly rare phenomenon that has been captured on video for all of the world to see.

In this one, we take a look at an airplane attempting to launch off of an aircraft carrier and finding its way right into a rogue wave that says otherwise.

One of the YouTube commenters insists that he was onboard and watched it all happen, saying that the folks on the plane came out shaken and wet, but otherwise alright.

Check out the video below that shows you something that you might never see again. This had to have been one scary situation for those on hand to witness it.



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