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Crazy Storm Bombards Boat Out On The Lake

Just imagine this: one day, you decide to take a boat ride on the lake. You’ve been a little stressed out but thankfully, the lake awaits, providing you with lots of leisure and maybe a little bit of excitement as you break out the inner tubes to go for a bit of a ride. However, just when you thought that your leisure was about to come around full circle and give you that much needed time off, out comes a little bit of something that you never saw coming. Instead of having a restful day on the lake, instead, Mother Nature decides that she’s going to throw you a little bit of a curveball.

Now, in many situations, a microburst might not be something that would ruin an entire day but if it gets bad enough, you never know what could happen. Basically, what a microburst is defined as is a small-scale downdraft that spells out a sort of miniature thunderstorm or rain shower. Now, just because it’s miniature doesn’t mean that it’s no big deal because when these things come, as you’ll soon see, they can most certainly be incredibly fierce even though they might be small. The result is something that actually ends up being a little bit scary to watch and we know it had to be incredibly scary to be on hand for.

If you choose to follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see the moment as someone recorded the entire circumstance when a sunny day would immediately take a turn for the worse, when all of a sudden, this microburst threatened to do some damage. Just when you thought you had escaped all the hectic situations that the real world has to offer with a day on the lake, something like this might just stand in your path.

I’ve tried to describe to people what a microburst looks like out on the lake and most people can’t believe it so here’s a great example from Tuesday. Every one was ok thank god.

Posted by Burl Griswold on Friday, August 24, 2018

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