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Crazy, Stupid, and Angry People vs Motorcycles

If there’s one dynamic that really can tend to get people all hyped up for no reason, it would be the way that they interact with motorcycles on public roadways. On the surface, there’s nothing inherently wrong with riding a motorcycle but it really seems like some folks just like to get in their feelings too much over the way that they perceive these riders, even if the riders aren’t doing anything wrong at all. Now, we get that when you’re offered a clip from a video that it’s sometimes edited selectively to benefit one side or the other but other times, you can’t really think of a pre-existing condition that would lead to exactly what you’re seeing on screen.

In this one, the situations just keep getting more and more bizarre as we follow along with 20 minutes that has a bunch of people involved who are described is crazy, stupid, and downright angry who really make you question exactly what they’re thinking. It almost seems like, in some situations, people just simply have no type of socialization skills and are left to act irradically as adults, making others around them wonder what the heck they’re thinking. Some of these reactions certainly can’t be healthy, that’s for sure!

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll get the full 20-minute shakedown of exactly what motorcycle riders might see when they head out for what’s supposed to be a leisurely day of riding that can sometimes turn into something a lot more. Sometimes, you look at a couple of adults or alleged adults, we might say, and how they interact in a situation and you can’t help but wonder how exactly they made it this far in the first place. Some of these interactions look like preschoolers in grown-up bodies with the way that they choose to cooperate or not with one another.