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Cruise Ship Gets Caught in Massive “Bomb Cyclone” Storm, Passengers Go Wild

If you were ever to head out to sea on a ship, most of the time, you’re going to probably tell yourself that nothing bad will happen and all likelihood of catastrophe unfolding is incredibly low. However, in the back of your mind, you probably have the thought that you’re out in the middle of nowhere and it will take help forever to get there. However, even though that idea tries to burrow itself nice and deep as to not concern yourself too much, when something like this happens, you can’t help but get a little bit more on edge about your ocean cruising experience.

This time, we follow along with a cruise liner, Norwegian Breakaway, as one of the least desirable situations possible happens. I mean, I guess that this is definitely short of going down into the drink, but in terms of being afraid of what’s coming next, it has to be up there pretty high. In this video, we get the perspective of one of the passengers on the New Year’s Cruise as the boat goes through what’s known as the “Bomb Cyclone” which is essentially a massive winter storm with many elements of a nor’easter. While this might not have really affected the vacation that the 4,000 passengers were on that much as they were on their way home from the Bahamas, it’s definitely something that could terrify you on that commute back home.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll bear witness to the chaos that was going on within the ship as it began to leak and as it rocked back and forth with all sorts of other havoc happening in every nook and cranny. You would really be surprised at just how much is unhinged when a boat of this size gets to violently rocking like that. With basically having a hotel on board, there’s certainly a lot to think about in a situation like this. The crew and passengers did all make it to their destination unscathed.

A statement provided to CBS goes as follows: “During the early morning hours of January 4, Norwegian Breakaway encountered stronger than forecasted weather conditions due to winter storm Grayson during the trip’s return to New York from the Bahamas. All guests and crew are safe. We sincerely apologize to our guests for these stronger than expected weather conditions and any resulting discomfort they may have experienced.”