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Cummins Diesel Swapped Prius Might Just Irritate the Tree Huggers

Cummins Diesel Swapped Prius Might Just Irritate the Tree Huggers

Around the car community, we find all sorts of different engine swap candidates. The scope of cars is very diverse. When somebody has a vision and the willpower to execute that vision, things can get pretty interesting. We can see different brands mashed together along with different eras. Sometimes, we might even see a vehicle completely repurposed.

This time, we check out something that couldn’t help but give us a bit of a chuckle. The premise behind something like this is pretty much a big troll. However, the way that it came together, we can’t help but be impressed.

It seems as if there’s an ongoing beef between diesel truck enthusiasts and hybrid owners. Sure, the vast majority of hybrid owners probably couldn’t care one way or another. The same is to be said about diesel truck owners. However, it’s kind of hilarious to watch the vocal minority battle it out.

It almost seems as if the Toyota Prius has become the poster child for environmental friendliness. Therefore, it has become the target of all sorts of jokes within the diesel community. For those who take a quick search of the internet, they will probably find various videos of diesel owners rolling coal on the Prius of their choosing.

This time, we watch as such a Prius undergoes a little bit of a transformation. Instead of the environmentally friendly hybrid that it started out as, this Prius has taken on an all-new face. In place of the original power plant, the Prius that has become known as “HUG THIS” has been swapped with a Cummins 4BT turbodiesel.

This is one that might just get under the skin of some of these environmental activists a little bit. We think that it’s all in good fun, though, and creates quite a conversation piece.


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