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Drag Racing Semi Trucks Have Brutal Launches, Pulling Front Ends Up

It really seems like, if you have that gear-headedness in your blood, that you can pretty much get into racing just about anything that has wheels. We’ve seen everything from lawnmower racing all the way a golf cart that will snatch your soul going at it. This time, though, we swing up to the larger side of the spectrum with somebody who has decided to compete in a vehicle that would otherwise be seen as nothing more than a machine that is designed to be able to get a little bit of work done. However, when the right individual finds their way behind the wheel, anything can really be a racing machine.

We aren’t given an outside shot of the cabin here but from the footage that we do have, it seems pretty obvious that what we’re looking at is indeed, none other than a big rig. Instead of hooking it up to a trailer and going for a long haul across the country, instead, it appears as if this driver just wanted to have a good time, pulling up next to another big rig of similar stature and looking to have at it in a little bit of a drag race scenario. You would think that this would be something that would be mundane and boring but just wait until you get to really dig into this one to see how hard this thing is able to launch.

When you dial into the video down below, you’ll be able to check out the scene of the action as these drivers pretty much launch the life out of these machines, taking it upon themselves to brutally lift the front end up into the air and show everybody just how much torque this thing has really got to offer. I’m going to bet that after seeing something like this, you’ll never be able to look at a big rig in the same way again.