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Cummins Powered Ram Rescues Ford Diesel From Roaring Blizzard

When we saw this video for the first time, we were ready for a brand war to ignite! You know that one brand can’t be better than another in a situation without comment sections roaring around the web as fans get ready to spit out their best version of why brand A is superior to brand B because one got stuck and the other didn’t. In this situation, we get that situation delivered on a silver platter.

We flash back to a couple of years ago when a generous helping of snow struck the town of Middletown, Delaware, leaving this Ford Power Stroke dually driver in a tough situation as the dually had made its way away from the beaten path and into a world of trouble. When driving along, it appears as if the truck got into a tight spot and became just a little bit stuck. As the snow continued to fall, the Ford got deeper and deeper without the driver doing much good to make the situation better and seemed to be stuck for the long haul, that was until a good Samaritan in his Dodge Ram powered by a Cummins came along to the rescue!

Check out the video below as the diesel powered Dodge yanks out the stake body with ease! We’ll give the Ford the benefit of the doubt that it was tough to drive because it is two wheel drive and the conditions were definitely stacked up against him here, but pulling out all of that weight is still an impressive accomplishment for the Ram owner. Watching this one certainly offers up a thrill because it pretty much allows you to join in on this rescue mission without having to deal with the danger of the elements or even do so much as get cold!


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