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Custom Model Ferrari Said to Be Worth $8,000

For us avid car enthusiasts, I think it’s easy to say that a very big percentage of our time is dedicated to four wheels and an engine. For many of us, we spend our lives either sinking our money, time, and effort into our pride and joy to try and bring it to be the machine that we want it to be or spend time looking at things that we could possibly do or that others have done in our community. However, we also love to take up some other hobbies as well. Many times, they will be completely unrelated to the world of automobiles but other times, maybe they have a strong tie with our real passion.

This time, we turn to a collector who seems to have amassed quite an impressive selection of cars to choose from and when it’s sunny outside he loves to go drive them. It seems like a really diverse collection that really allows this individual is able to appreciate all sorts of different cars from different regions of the world. However, should he run across a rainy day, one of the pastimes that he’ll find himself taking part in is that of model building. More specifically, it appears as if he prefers to build models of the Ferrari nature.

In the video below, you’ll watch as these beautiful pieces of art come together with all types of different features that really make them feel like the real thing. Some of the features that you find on these machines is incredibly detail oriented and will make you feel like you’re taking a look at the real thing if you stare for long enough. We were kind of taken aback when he started talking about what the value here was as the story tells us that these models actually might act as a type of investment, bringing good money as this collector would say. One car, in particular, he believes could be worth as much as $8000. After watching the video below, tell us what you think of that incredible valuation of a model car. Could this collector’s piece really be worth that much?