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Dad Goes For a Drive in his Sons 500 hp Subaru WRX & Loses HIs Mind

There’s something truly special about a father and son sharing a love of hotrodding, and this video is an excellent look at that dynamic, with a bit of a twist.

Most of the time, it’s the dad showing the son the ropes, teaching the younger generation about going fast and how to handle the power. But YouTuber SuBros is using his 500 HP Subie to show his did the ropes, tossing the keys to his Pops and letting him have his first taste of real power.

And Dad LOVES it!

The grin of obvious pride on the son’s face as his dad gets all heart-racey and hand-shaky during his first dance with the devil we know as horsepower is priceless, as is the dad’s candid reaction. This is definitely the beginning of dad’s next hobby, as he will almost certainly want to build some kind of car of his own after taking junior’s Subaru for a spirited spin around the neighborhood!



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