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Daddy Dave and Goliath On Radials at Lights Out 9

Street Outlaws star Daddy Dave made the trip to Lights Out 9 following a pretty solid showing at the 2017 edition of the race, held late in the winter each year at South Georgia Motorsports Park. Last year he jumped into Outlaw Drag Radial where he was low qualifier before a redlight ended his bid at taking home the win in the second round.

This year, with a potent new setup under the hood, Dave decided to jump into the ultra-competitive No Time Shootout to keep his numbers under wraps while still giving him a place to compete against some insanely quick cars for a massive payday. He wasn’t able to get the win, but he certainly made his presence felt by the other cars in the shootout and the crowds that surrounded his pit all weekend.

The new combination, for those who haven’t seen, is a ProLine Racing Engines 481X bullet force-fed a ton of air every couple of seconds by one of the largest superchargers made by ProCharger. The setup should be good for north of 3,000 horsepower, but having all the power in the world on tap is basically useless if you aren’t able to hook it up. However, as you’ll see in this footage from JMalcom2004’s YouTube channel, that’s not a problem for Goliath.

Obviously we can’t reveal any numbers from the track, but you can see the car is rolling out hard. Dave ended up falling to a nitrous-injected Pro Mod style car in the shootout, to give you an idea of what it took to take him out. Maybe after he’s had some time to take out some big opponents with the new setup, he’ll jump into a class and light the boards to show the world just how quick the car is, but until then, we’ll just have to watch him tearing up the track at Lights Out and wherever else he heads to throwdown against the competition, whether it be on radials or the street.