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Daddy Dave Featured In New Mickey Thompson Commercial With Goliath 2.0

Street Outlaws continues to grow it’s audience week after week, further expanding into the fibers of mainstream America as the guys from the show become more and more popular. One great way to illustrate this is David “Daddy Dave” Comstock being the star of Mickey Thompson’s new national television commercial.

The commercial, which I personally saw for the first time during last week’s NHRA Arizona Nationals on FS1, feature’s Dave and his Mickey Thompson-equipped Chevy II, known as Goliath, as well as his truck, which is also wearing Mickey Thompson tires. The ad features some beautifully shot footage of Comstock going about his business on race day with some drone footage, some close-up detail shots and dramatic slow-motion combined with the obligatory on-track footage of Goliath in action.

The intent of the ad is to point out that there’s more to MT than slicks and drag radials, with much of their business, focused on markets away from the drag strip. They also manufacture a line of street radials and have a wide assortment of off-road tires for those who choose to spend their time in the dirt and mud. Of course, there’s often crossover between the world of drag racing and off-roading, with many racers enjoying the world of mud and sand when they’re not at the drag strip.

It’s great to see Daddy Dave being tapped as the guy to represent the company in their ad campaign, as it shows that MT sees the relevance of the stars from the show and knows they’re recognizable by those in the automotive community. It also shows that Dave is a fan of Mickey Thomson’s products because he wouldn’t align himself with a company he didn’t believe in. I can only assume we’ll start seeing more of this as the show continues to grow and evolve.