Daddy Dave Testing Goliath’s New Twin Turbo Combo

Daddy Dave shocked the world when he made the switch from nitrous, which he’d run ...

Daddy Dave shocked the world when he made the switch from nitrous, which he’d run most of his life, to ProCharger a couple of years ago. He first built a pretty standard big block to get a feel for driving and tuning a supercharged combo, then stepped up to a ProLine Racing Engines 481X to extract as much power as possible from the ProCharger.

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He seemed to be doing well and really getting a handle on that combo when he quietly made yet another drastic change, this time bolting up twin turbos to the 481X, a move that shocked fans yet again, as Dave had been quoted as saying he would never run turbos on his car. However, at the end of the day, Dave want to run up front, and the power potential was tapped out with his ProCharger, so he made the swap to snails, heading to FuelTech’s Ball Ground, Georgia headquarters a couple of weeks ago to have the car tuned with the new combination before heading back west to do some testing.

As is common practice with things like this, the horsepower numbers weren’t released, but it’s no secret that a twin turbo 481X powerplant is capable of producing around 4,000 horsepower. That number, of course, depends on the size of the turbos, the type of fuel being used, injector size, and what the car itself is tuned for, so Goliath may not be pumping out those kinds of numbers, but the potential is certainly there.

Dave and crew left FuelTech and went to Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, OK to do some testing, where National No Prep Racing Association was on hand to catch this test hit, where you can see Goliath is seriously working those rear tires hard, trying to plant that new-found horsepower. The car actually smokes the tires a bit off the line, but the big meaty rear tires keep digging and Dave lays down a pretty dang stellar run, showing the Top 10 list just might be in for a rude awakening when he really gets this combo dialed in.


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