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Daddy Dave in Golitah vs Fireball Camaro at Bristol 100k No Prep Race

Monday night, the stars of the hit Discovery Channel street racing show Street Outlaws put a whole new spin on the show when they loaded up and headed east to historic Thunder Valley Raceway in Bristol Tennessee for a huge no prep race. Joining the stars of the original show in competing for the $100,000 total purse were several stars of Street Outlaws New Orleans along with some of the biggest names in the world of no prep track racing.

With most of the racers from the 405’s Top 10 List making the haul eastward, it was not that surprising that some of them ended up racing each other in eliminations. In fact, it would have been nearly impossible for them not to based on them accounting for a quarter of the cars entered into the race. One of the biggest rivalries from the 405 was renewed again when Daddy Dave drew Ryan Martin. As we’ve seen on the show, there’s no love lost between these two and that rivalry certainly makes for some intense racing, and this matchup delivered just that.

Both cars are capable of laying down some insane horsepower, but Martin’s twin turbo Fireball Camaro makes quite a bit more power than Dave’s ProCharged Nova. However, we’ve seen Daddy Dave’s driving prowess and we know he’s going to make a solid pass just about every time he comes to the line, so even with more power on board, Martin still have to put it down onto the track, and when there’s no help from the track itself on that front, it can be tricky.

This time, though, Martin and his crew had the tune up just right, and he took the win over Dave, who was right on his back bumper the whole way down the track. If the Fireball had spun or bobbled at any point along the way, Dave was right there to drive around, but that didn’t happen this time, and Martin would move on to the next round.