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Daddy Dave Sent it in “Savage Mode” in Last Weekend’s Race in Tulsa

For those who missed it, a little bit of racing actually happened this past weekend.

In the swirling mess of COVID-19, we haven’t seen much of any gathering going on let alone an organized race. However, Tulsa Raceway Park was able to host a little bit of action and get the racing season kicked off. It might’ve taken some extra effort but the Throwdown in T-Town was able to deliver.

In order to make it all come together, the staff would wear gloves and masks. In addition, those at the facility would have to follow social distancing guidelines along with other regulations.

However, we finally got down to some racing!

We’re not sure if there’s going to be much structured racing in the short term. However, the competition showed us that it hasn’t skipped a beat as racers made their way down the track. In fact, there would be three 16-car fields to fill the staging lanes once again in addition to several other classes.

Apparently, Daddy Dave has been hard at work in order to maintain Goliath 2.0 and keep it in top shape. He would enter in the Pro Street class that boasted a $3,000 prize. At the end of the day, Dave would be able to hold on and fend off 15 other competitors on his way to victory! The sensation of winning simply had to be amplified in an atmosphere like this. After being forced into taking a break for so long, the sweet taste of a win had to be even sweeter!

By following along with the video below, we get to hop into the competition. The folks from the National No Prep Racing Association were sure to bring us all of the action. At the end of the night, the Street Outlaws All-Star ended up taking home the win! – Daddy Dave