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Daddy Dave Tears Down Proline Hemi to Prep for America’s List

While some casual observers of the Street Outlaws may think that the competition ends with what we see on the screen, they are mistaken. As it turns out, for these competitors, remaining competitive is actually a duty that they have to take head-on pretty much every day.

In fact, in this very story, Daddy Dave gives credit to one of his strongest competitors, Ryan Martin, saying that he’s so good because when he’s not competing, he’s testing and when he’s not testing, he’s competing. Competing on this level is simply not something that racers can do casually and expect to win.

This time, we get an insight into that idea as to its put in motion.

In this particular vlog video, Dave takes us behind the scenes coming fresh off of a No Prep Kings season that was particularly challenging. Remember, Dave has really been hustling to keep the operation together as he managed to crash back in the summer.

With lots of perseverance, Dave did manage to get the car back together and go all the way to the semi-finals where he would end up losing to Ryan Martin, the eventual winner of the whole thing. However, even after the hustle to get the car back together there’s no time to rest.

In this one, we check-in as Dave digs into his Proline Hemi after just over 100 passes on most of the engine. Sure, No Prep Kings was most certainly a marathon. However, there’s very little time before heading into season two of Street Outlaws America’s List season 2 filming.

Down in the video below, Dave gives us the behind-the-scenes look at what exactly it means to constantly be at work, trying to perfect a racing set up to go out there and throw down with the big boys on a consistent basis.

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