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Daddy Dave VS Big Chief For #1 Comes Down To Inches!

When you take a look at the list racing that happens on Street Outlaws, some of these races get incredibly close. With each and every competitor becoming super familiar with one another, these guys are always turning their cars up, trying to find the best combination for the street and they also have a pretty good idea of what the opponent is bringing to the table.

With all this information on tap, races can definitely tend to get pretty close as competitors try and squeeze out every last bit of juice from their vehicle without going overboard and a lot of times, they end up being right on the money as these cars really are pushing the limits of what’s possible on the street, especially when you consider the guys who are able to hang around up near the top of the list.

This time, we check out an awesome throwdown that has two machines going head to head that seemingly everybody loves to watch. When you put them on one racing surface together, things get even more intense as Daddy Dave brings out Goliath 2.0 to go head to head with Big Chief and the Crow. Before this one even gets underway, you can practically feel the intensity brewing in the air as these two juggernauts are getting ready to go at one another’s throats. When the race begins, you can see that the action that’s about to be delivered really doesn’t disappoint.

If you follow along below, you’ll be able to be set on the scene as Chief actually ends up getting out a little bit right from the get-go, however, Dave is definitely reeling him in fast. At the finish line, this one is about as close of a race as any spectator could possibly wish for. However, at the end of the day, as much as we like both of these competitors and their awesome machines, only one of them can claim victory and that’s the beautiful part of a drag race. Photo credit – 405 Photo