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Daddy Dave vs Murder Nova – No Prep Street Outlaws Shootout

Each summer for the past 4 years, the baddest names in all of no prep have gathered in Noble, Oklahoma at Thunder Valley Raceway Park for what is arguably the most prestigious no prep event of them all. Yes, there are some that pay more and there are some that get more television coverage, but when it comes down to saying you’ve reached the pinnacle of no prep, you have to take home a win at Outlaw Armageddon to make that claim.

What is it, exactly, that makes Armageddon such big deal? Put simply, it’s the competition. Many major no prep events draw both the stars of the Street Outlaws franchises and the heavy hitters in the no prep game, but only one event draws the top guns from both camps annually, meaning there’s only one event where you can say you beat the likes of Daddy Dave, Big Chief, Murder Nova, David “Bird” Jones, Birdman, and The 55, just to name a few of the many who show up for this event.

With such a killer lineup on hand, big-name matchups are bound to happen, and this year, two of the biggest stars in Street Outlaws’ history drew each other and put on a killer show for the fans.

Daddy Dave and his badass ProCharged Chevy II known as Goliath lined up against the sinister twin-turbocharged small block-powered Murder Nova owned and driven by Shawn Ellington. Both of these guys are OKC natives who test their cars regularly at TVRP, so they should have a great set of data files for getting down the track despite the lack of traction prep.

As you can see, Daddy Dave and Goliath jump out to a pretty big lead and from every angle we see, it looks like he had more than enough to hold of the Murder Nova and take the win. While the call from the top end was a three car advantage for Dave, the video doesn’t show for sure if that is accurate. Either way, Dave was declared the winner and moved on to the next round.


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