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Dad’s First Reaction to Sons 2003 Mustang Cobra!

One of the most classic ways for a father and son to bond is over the engine bay of a car. While gearhead technology most certainly has come a long way from where dad used to dabble with a wrench and can of WD-40, it still provides a nice common ground for families to come together.

This time, we have a father and son combination that is spending some quality time riding around in the son’s 2003 Kenne Bell supercharged Ford Mustang Cobra. The Terminator really looks to have some juice behind it and being as this is dad’s first time, it’s only natural to lay into throttle a little bit.

Upon a first throttle blip, dad asks his son if “that’s it” and that’s when the son really gets into it and gives dad quite a ride. Afterward, we’re reassured at that the fact that the ride kind of scared dad a bit as he even admits that he was a little bit shaken from the experience!

Ride along with this quality time down in the clip below. The scream of that supercharger is something that could really bring a family together and this time, it does exactly that.

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