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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Feels “Fulfilled” With On-Track Career

When some of the best drivers in the game stick around the NASCAR circuit for an extended length of time, it’s only natural that people begin to ask questions about when they’re thinking about calling it quits. Naturally, as Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been racing for nearly two decades, folks have begun to speculate as to when we could see the 42-year-old throw the towel.

In this short clip, Junior talks about some of the more obscure categories that he has managed to climb to the top of an in his years of racing and even though some of them seem to be ones that nobody would pay attention to, he thinks that with the collection of stats, that he as accumulated along the road he feels a sense of fulfillment over his racing career.

Now, this isn’t necessarily saying that he’s going to call it quits at the end of the season, even though he claims that if he sees victory at the end of the year that he would highly consider it. However, it certainly does point in the direction of Dale Jr. turning in his helmet at some point in the near future and trading it up to a straw hat and an exotic island with sandy beaches.

Tune in to the short segment down below as Junior talks about some of the proud or moments that he has come across in his career as far as statistics go. At this point in his life, this NASCAR icon has managed to wiggle his way into the top 20 in total laps raised, making him second in line amongst active drivers. It really would be an impressive place to call it a career, even if he quit today.