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Dale Earnhardt Jr. And Jeff Gordon Trade Stories About Dale Senior

Last month would mark the 18th anniversary of the death of Dale Earnhardt. The tragic event was one that skipped quickly across the scope of motorsports. Most of us realize that Dale Earnhardt was one of the biggest names in the industry and certainly a household name. There might be some who didn’t grasp the gravity of the moment at the time, though. On February 18, 2001, we would lose one of the most iconic names in all of racing. This would be an event that would reshape the history of how motorsports as a whole operated and how the future of NASCAR would end up evolving.

Even to this day, a day where everybody who was alive during the accident is now an adult, we’re still talking about Dale Earnhardt and his contributions to the sport. As NASCAR struggles to gain in attendance, many even argue that Dale brought such a big name that once he departed from this world of ours, the sport was never end could never be the same. What is it about this guy that not only brought people in but got them revved up about racing?

While we will never get to hear those stories out of Dale’s mouth, we still good to hear about what happened and what he was like from those who he loved and those who he loved to compete with. It’s certainly one of racing’s biggest disappointments that we will never get to hear Dale Earnhardt sit around and comment on the sport today or perhaps go back and forth with Jeff Gordon about some of their rivalries on the track. However, the second-best thing is probably hearing Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Junior tell their tales of the Intimidator.

In the video below, we get to hear them trade anecdotes back-and-forth. The racing legends speak a little bit on everything from the Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt rivalry to how Rusty Wallace played into it all. Perhaps one of our favorite Dale memories is how Junior talks about the competition that he shared with his father. Even for his very own son, Senior remained competitive on race day. It was even to the point where Junior had to end up running dad into the wall in one race. All of this would culminate in a shoe-throwing confrontation in the pits that we’re sure Junior will never forget.