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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Talks About Going on a Bike Ride with Jimmie Johnson – And Wearing Spandex

The racing series that you know as NASCAR isn’t as simple as hopping behind the wheel and having some driving skills to push you through the race. When you have to be behind the wheel of a car like that for hours upon hours, physical and mental stamina are both required to ensure that you make it to the end of the race.

Behind the scenes, then, you would assume that the drivers have their own workout regimen, designed not only to keep their bodies in the game but to keep their weight down as well. Every last ounce counts in racing how do the guys go about doing the above?

You may picture them lifting weights and doing a little cardio on a treadmill or going for a run here and there but it turns out that one of the more popular activities among drivers might be that of bicycling. In this one, Dale Earnhardt Jr. tells about his bicycling experience and to be frank, it had me laughing a little bit as he went on with the story.

Check out the video below that has Earnhardt Jr. explaining why a man who has amounted to the status of a legend is self-conscious when he finds himself on a bicycle. It’s easy to get yourself in the thought of assuming that these guys are bulletproof with no insecurities at all but stories like this really make them seem a little bit more human.


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