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The ONE Car Dale Earnhardt Jr Says He Will Never Let Go

The ONE Car Dale Earnhardt Jr Says He Will Never Let Go

Sometimes, it can be easy to get lost in the functionality of possessions. We can’t help but place a value on them for their physical attributes. Perhaps something that looks like it’s worth a lot of money can make said object more desirable to folks. Maybe a car, for example, that is faster, could be a desirable machine over a car that’s not.

However, there’re certain times where some will find that there is a bigger picture. This picture might paint some different attributes more important in life. Sentimental value can really make a vehicle appreciate in value. One that might not be worth all that much money could be something irreplaceable in one’s life.

For Dale Earnhardt Jr., when it comes to the experiences that he and his dad had shared on the racetrack, I’m sure that there are plenty of NASCAR memorabilia items in Junior’s collection. With a career that has lasted over decades, Earnhardt Sr. certainly had to be quite the producer of memorabilia. When it comes to cars, there is one that Junior claims that he will absolutely never get rid of. The machine might be rather unexpected. However, because it took both himself and his father as a team to win in this machine, the meaning is changed up

With the video below, we get to see some of the footage of the Chevrolet Corvette that they piloted in a race together. It would all unfold during the 2001 Rolex 24. The event really had this father-son team working with one another in a way like they probably haven’t done before. The car is what really tied that experience together.

I’m sure that Junior has a whole plethora of different memories with his dad but it’s hard to compare to a machine like this when it comes to really having a father-son team putting together the pieces to make a competitive run at victory.