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Tesla Model X Cut in Half by Speeding GT-R

It’s pretty crazy how, during the course of a day, things can drastically change. One moment, everything could be going according to plan, that is, if you have a plan. The next, this plan can become completely derailed. This could end with the situation that nobody saw it coming but is going to create a huge disaster to deal with. These sorts of things happen every single day.

This time, we tune into the aftermath of such a situation that managed to go sideways in just a moment. When we first laid eyes on this one, we couldn’t help but taken aback. Our breath was simply taken away from us as we saw the carnage of a crazy wreck. It’s one of those where you can’t help but feel as if bad news is on the way.

From what the video uploader tells us about this one, a Nissan GT-R was traveling at a high rate of speed when all control was lost. As the car was cruising along at 85-90 MPH, it would meet with a Tesla Model X. The Tesla would then practically be split in half. As we see from the scene of the accident, the rear of the car is completely dislodged from the cabin. Pieces were scattered absolutely everywhere as Tesla was obliterated. No car is designed to withstand such a speedy and direct impact.

From what we understand, nobody was fatally injured in the incident. However, there certainly are a lot of pieces that need to be put together to paint the entire picture. As far as we know, no charges have been pressed just yet. Luckily, nobody was sitting in the back of the Model X. Had this been on another day when the vehicle had passengers, the scene could’ve been much different.