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Dale Earnhardt’s 1994 Newell Coach: His Former Racetrack Home Turned Museum Exhibit!

When it comes to the biggest names to ever compete on a NASCAR track, no competitor even comes close to having as much fame as Dale Earnhardt. Today, NASCAR drivers are still considered famous but back in the late 90s and early 2000s, some of the top drivers were as highly regarded as A-list celebrities with Dale Earnhardt being the most popular driver that there was up until his untimely demise in 2001.

Therefore, when it comes to racing memorabilia, it’s absolutely no secret that anything linked to Earnhardt is going to be the most popular and likely the most expensive as well.

When it comes to the absolute coolest piece of memorabilia, it’s kind of hard to say exactly what ranks at the top. However, what we can say is that things that were personally owned by Earnhardt himself are certainly the crème de la crème.

This time, thanks to Stapleton42, we get the unique chance to look at a piece of Earnhardt’s life that was closer to him than most other pieces of memorabilia. Sure, owning a number 3 Chevrolet driven by “The Intimidator” himself would be pretty darn cool. However, for those looking for a bit of a more personal touch, being able to own Earnhardt’s RV might just be the next best thing.

This particular piece of memorabilia isn’t for sale but it might just be one of the coolest that helps tell the story of history. Currently, the 1994 Newell Coach is on display at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. Those looking to take a tour can walk through and stand in the same place where the legend himself lived while on the road.

As usual, our host, Mitchell Stapleton, gives us lots of details about not only the history of the RV but also the design and what makes this unit undeniably “Dale.”