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Ryan Martin Daily Drives an INSANE 1100whp Vengeance Built Cadillac CTS-V

On-screen, of course, Ryan Martin is one of the baddest racers on the streets. Behind the wheel of his Fireball Camaro, Martin is the man with the “X” on his chest as everyone on Street Outlaws is coming for the guy who has proven to be a top competitor time and time again.

When he’s rolling around off-camera, though, what is it that Martin is driving? We would most certainly guess that it has to be something spicy.

Most of the Street Outlaws fan favorites have more than one horse in the stable that’ll be sure to turn heads at the local car meet and Martin is certainly no exception from that rule.

As it turns out, one of Martin’s toys of choice off-camera happens to be a 2016 Cadillac CTS-V that was originally fitted with 640 supercharged horsepower.

For most, a 640 hp sedan is going to blow their socks off. However, for Martin, he decided that he wanted something with just a little bit of extra kick. In order to accomplish this, he took the car to Vengeance Racing, one of the country’s premier GM performance shops, to give the car a little bit of attention. You know that this place has to be good when one of the biggest car guys in the world will trust them with his baby.

This time, Martin takes us out to Georgia to meet with Ron, the owner of Vengeance, to give us an overview of the build and a tour of the facility that is making dreams come true day in and day out.

Martin does tell us to keep an eye out for the car as the 1,100 hp luxury sedan will be making appearances in the daily driver episodes of Street Outlaws.

It’s pretty wild that 1,100 hp is something that Martin will drive around every day but to most, it’s more powerful than a car that they’ll ever get to so much as ride in!