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Dale Jr Gifts Wife A 1966 El Camino For Christmas

Dale Jr Gifts Wife A 1966 El Camino For Christmas

For the Earnhardt family, they might find it a touch difficult to shop for each other. After all, we’re sure that the family has amassed quite the financial backing. After all, Dale Jr. has not only had a monumental run in NASCAR. He also is known for several business ventures in multimedia, the restaurant industry, and more. If the Earnhardts wanted something, they would just buy it right?

Well, it looks like, when Dale Jr. went Christmas shopping for his wife, Amy, he came up with just the right thing. In an Instagram post (below) from Amy Earnhardt, she would show off a shiny new set of wheels. In the post, Amy recalls that she’s wanted an El Camino forever. It looks like Dale went all out on Christmas and delivered a shiny new sleigh to a very grateful recipient.

The 1966 El Camino is bright red and looks to be in about perfect condition. The post doesn’t make much mention as to the details of the car. As gear heads, we can’t help but be curious and a bit nosy about all of the nuts and bolts. It does look like the car has found its way into the hands of the perfect owner. We get a feeling that Amy won’t be able to put the keys down for this bad boy. In fact, her post alludes to heading to Home Goods to fill it up!


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