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Dale Jr. Makes Virtual IndyCar Debut – Is This a Dream Race?

When we look at how society is currently functioning, it really makes us think.

When COVID-19 forced people to stay in our homes, we saw a situation where we might just be sitting around and stocking up on food. However, in addition to hoarding toilet paper, quarantine has really given us a new perspective. While sitting around, let’s just say that some have actually gotten creative and productive. Because of this, there might even be a silver lining to the cloud of Coronavirus that we can learn from.

One of the ways that we’ve seen this creativity shining through is with professional athletes. In our corner of the racing world, we find that NASCAR has actually taken upon themselves to continue their racing virtually. Many drivers have taken to the eNASCAR Pro Invitational to continue competing. The simulation takes place on the iRacing platform that provides a very real racing environment.

One of the racers that has thrown their name into the fray is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Junior really shows us one of the fun parts of this racing simulation. In addition to current drivers being able to battle with one another, past drivers can join in as well. With this, we can watch all sorts of dream matchups unfold. The possibilities are really endless. Just imagine the biggest celebrities throwing down with professional drivers and even racing legends. We can kind of live out some of those dream matchups that otherwise wouldn’t really be possible in a real-life car.

In this dream scenario, we watch Dale Earnhardt Junior takes on another form of racing. During his professional career, Junior obviously competed in NASCAR and had no experience behind the wheel with IndyCar. However, with this simulator, he’s able to do just that. By following along with the video below, we check in to watch Dale Earnhardt Jr. make his virtual IndyCar debut. It’s even complete with a spotter!