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The Ultimate Boat Fail Has Us Hoping For A Safe Boating Season

For those who have ever headed out to a boat ramp, they’re probably in the know about just how quickly things can happen out there. In fact, just about any situation on the water can unfold in a hurry.

Failure to keep an eye on all of the important metrics of launching the boat could spiral out of control. Before we know it, a situation can get pretty expensive and downright dangerous as well. It’s certainly not an area to play games in. Getting the job done properly and safely is at the pinnacle of importance in these situations.

In this one, we take a look at yet another boat ramp situation gone wrong. It looks like everything was going as according to plan one moment and flying off the rails the next. We can’t help but feel for the guy responsible for the boat as things just keep on getting worse and worse.

To really top things off, it looks like the person trying to help him isn’t paying much attention to what they’re doing. As the boat in question ends up sideways at the ramp, pulling the trailer out and dragging the boat on concrete was probably about the worst direction that this thing could have gone. In addition to what looks like inexperience, I think that maybe thing boater was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is certainly one to add to the experiences that will help out with the learning curve of boating. We have all had these moments, some just didn’t have a camera rolling.

Hopefully, this boater can just chalk this one up to the expense of boating and not get too discouraged! At the end of the day, this will probably be something that this guy looks back on and laughs at.