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Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Buys $250,000,000 Super Yacht

When you own one of the most beloved sports teams in all of America professional sports, you get to do, and buy, cool stuff. While neither of my kids, who are 16 and 10 years old, have ever seen the Dallas Cowboys win a Super Bowl, America’s Team still reigns atop the most profitable entities in the sports world, especially here in the States.

To celebrate having piles and piles of cash, team owner Jerry Jones recently took delivery of a boat. But this isn’t just any boat, because we know Jerry doesn’t ever “just do” anything, he goes over the top in every way possible. When it came time for a new stadium, Jones built the Cowboys a hulking, state of the art domed stadium in Dallas. When it came time for a boat, he ordered up a yacht that just happens to be 360 feet long, the same length as the field inside the previously-mentioned stadium.

The superyacht, named “Bravo Eugenia” cost a whopping $250 million and features every amenity you’d expect to find at a 5-Star luxury resort, including a spa, a gym, a helipad and a “beach club”, however that would work on a boat. The Eugenia, which is named after Jones’ wife, will accommodate Mr. and Mrs. Jones along with 12 other guests, plus the crew of 20 that it takes to run a vessel of this size.

The ship is quite striking, and at 120 yards in length, should draw stares everywhere it goes. I can’t imagine being the captain of a vessel that’s quite literally as long as a football field, but with what I have to assume is every single piece of modern equipment on board to help with the navigation process.

I’d personally love to just see one of these vessels in person and get some pictures of it. I don’t even need to set foot aboard one, where I would feel out of place anyway. I’ll leave that to those people who own football teams and have more money than they know what to do with.