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What Happens When You Damage an Exotic Rental?

If there’s one thing that we all assume about a rental car, it’s that it was probably beat on pretty badly. After all, with these cars loaned by corporations to all sorts of people, what else would we expect? Over the course of the rental lifetime of a car, it’s probably going out to all sorts of different drivers. These different folks come with fluctuating levels of caution and experience. Let’s just say that some get a little bit wilder than others. When extrapolating this idea out to an exotic car, one would take a guess that they end up getting treated even worse.

Therefore, as someone who owns a rental car business like Rob Ferretti, It seems to be pretty common that he has to deal with doing some repairs. Some of these repairs might be expected maintenance. Others can be a result of how a customer had driven the car, though. This begs the question of what Rob does when one of the cars comes back damaged. For example, if somebody takes the liberty of running over a curb and blowing out a tire, who is responsible? Does Rob send the customer a replacement car? Should he charge them for the downtime that it takes to fix the rental car in question?

With the video below, Rob gives us a couple of details on how exactly he handles such situations. It turns out that there are a lot of gray areas here. Therefore, it seems like a judgment call in most cases as to how he wants to proceed. A lot of the decision-making seems to depend on how the incident happened and how bad the damage is. Renting exotic cars seems like a pretty awesome business to operate. We’re sure that Ferretti is doing well for himself. However, some of these situations can get rather sticky in a hurry!

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