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Dan Bilzerians Las Vegas Home Is Utterly Insane… What is in the Garage Though?

We’ve heard quite a few names for Dan Bilzerian, the subject of this next video. Millionaire playboy. High stakes poker player. Overzealous gun nut. And of course, the ever popular trust fund baby. Whatever you call him, there’s no deny the man lives a rock star life we’d all love to live, regardless of how he came across his wealth. And for the record, we aren’t speaking on it either way, I got all of those terms from the comments on this video’s YouTube posting.

While he has the money to drive anything he wants to, we do get a sneak peek at one pretty badass ride during this walk-through interview with Graham Bensinger, who’s getting a close-up look at Bilzerian’s palatial Vegas home. When the pair step out into the garage, Dan pulls back the cover on a chrome AC Cobra. While the odds are it’s a replica, any Cobra is a cool Cobra in our book, and Dan’s mirrored version is definitely way up on the cool factor for sure. Unfortunately, the car is sitting, basically unloved, as Bilzerian points out he hasn’t driven it in probably three years. How anybody could have a car like that and not drive it at least on pretty afternoons and weekends is beyond us.

We like cars, we like guns, and we like cool people who like those things too. Maybe Dan will get the Cobra out, have his people shine it up, and he can drive it about 4 hours west to our headquarters and let us clean out that cobwebs on our in-house Dyno!

If you’re seeing this, Dan, have your people get in touch with our people and let’s arrange a dyno day for you and the Cobra. Maybe we can make a day of it, hit some local spots for food, then head to the casino and you can watch us lose money chasing flush draws and gut shot straights. Sounds like a great plan to us, so we’ll be waiting on your call!