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Daniel Pharris’ New Pro Mod Mustang

Daniel Pharris, a name many of you may recognize from the past few years as a top runner in the radial world, has made the leap to the ultra-competitive world of Pro Mod.

Never one to walk into a gunfight without heavy artillery, Pharris will be riding into battle with one of the most badass hotrods we’ve ever laid eyes on when he rolls this 2017 Mustang our of the trailer for the first time. Built by Larry Jeffers Race Cars, the Mustang is powered by a wicked ProLine Racing-built twin turbo Hemi that should produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 horsepower, more than enough to push the swoopy Stang to the head of the NMCA’s Pro Mod class.

This is just a late-build walk around of the car as it nears completion, so look for more details about this beautiful build soon, and keep an eye out for the car on your newsfeed, as it’s sure to make a huge splash on social media as soon as it turns a tire on the track.