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Dash Cam Saves This Truckers Career after Potential Insurance Fraud

If driving is one of the abilities that helps you to put food on the table then it might be a good idea to spend a couple of dollars on an investment like a dash cam that could potentially save your career if someone decides that they want to do something that isn’t exactly playing by the rules.

In this dash cam video, we ride along with the situation in which this trucker claims that his foresight to buy a camera would be a decision that saved his career as a truck driver. When you see exactly why that is, you’ll understand why this investment was worth every last penny.

The camera rolls as the trucker barrels down an Ohio turnpike in a heavy storm which promises that conditions will be getting a little bit messy. As a result, it looks like traffic was forced to slow to a stop but that isn’t where the true story really lies. After the halt, when everyone decided to come to a stop, another trucker in front of the dash cam clad truck decides to roll backward!

Now, the driver of the camera truck said that all signs on the scene pointed in the direction of the accident being his own fault until he pulled out his trusty footage to show to the highway patrol officers who were then able to overturn their suspicions and see that he wasn’t at fault at all. At this point, that had to be one major feeling of relief. See exactly what we’re talking about down in the video below as the footage has been uploaded to YouTube and justice has been served!