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Dashcam Captures Moment Small Airplane Nearly Takes Out Vehicle.

Dashcam Captures Moment Small Airplane Nearly Takes Out Car

Sometimes, there’s just no explaining what’s going on. In this one, we certainly come face-to-face with a variety of super rare instances. It’s not every day that people can survive a plane crash. The other hand, though, it’s also not every day that someone is chugging along another way to work and nearly gets run over by a falling airplane. It seems like a very unlikely situation but one that ended in about the best way possible given the circumstances. When considering the situation, this one should’ve probably taken a turn for the worse but a little bit of finesse and sheer luck really sent this one in just the right direction.

As a motorist with a dashcam rolling was making their way down a Toronto highway, everything seemed to be in place. The very next moment, though, things would take a drastic change in a different direction. This otherwise normal commute would turn to something extraordinary in a hurry. It was only a matter of seconds as it came and went. A small airplane had fallen from the sky and was barreling down on the highway. As the camera inside of the car keeps rolling, we watch as the pilot apparently attempts to make a maneuver in between traffic and does so successfully.

Eventually, the plane would crash off-screen, to the right of the video. We’re told that there were two people on board. Neither occupant was injured. Everyone involved in the situation should consider themselves incredibly lucky. While they probably didn’t sign up to be put in this once-in-a-lifetime situation or really have any control over the matter, the fact that nobody was hurt really is astonishing. Should this one have unfolded mere feet in any other direction, this could’ve gotten much worse. The video can be seen below.