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When The Dashcam Pays Off: Catching A Service Shop Replacing Unnecessary Parts

Diagnosing an automobile isn’t always the most straightforward thing. It can take a lot of different tests to pin down exactly what’s wrong. Sometimes, even those tests will only isolate a small number of components that might need to be replaced. Therefore, sometimes, things end up being replaced when maybe they didn’t need to be.

On the other hand, though, this leads us to ask who is responsible for it if the wrong component is replaced. After all, some shops do their best to diagnose and replace only what’s necessary. The other side of the spectrum does show us some pretty poor mechanics who are much quicker to just start replacing parts than to take the time learning about what’s wrong.

This time, we join in on a story that’s quite interesting and has stirred a little bit of controversy. As it turns out, a dashcam has paid off yet again for another automobile owner. One particular owner took their vehicle in for service due to a loud chattering noise and would find out that the shop behind the repair might’ve overcharged them.

As it turns out, this particular shop had replaced an alternator on this car just a couple of weeks prior. When the car did come back into the shop, a technician would diagnose the vehicle and get to the answer of a different part being the issue.

After replacing this part, the noise would persist. Obviously, this alludes to the idea that the fix wasn’t exactly solving the issue. From there, the alternator would be replaced once again and the car would be good to go. This wasn’t necessarily the shop doing anything dirty. However, it did seem as if they ended up selling a part that was defective. That happens. Every single component isn’t going to be perfect as there certainly are duds.

Where everything ended up being questionable was when it came to the billing. As it turns out, the shop decided to charge the owner of the vehicle for everything replaced. This includes the alternator that was just replaced a couple of weeks prior. Even components that were misdiagnosed would be on the bill.

The owner of the vehicle saw this as a little bit fishy so he decided to go back to the dashcam to evaluate. The rest of the story is spelled out down in the video below. As a result of the footage here, the owner of the vehicle was issued a full refund.