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Jay Leno Takes a Ride in a 1,000 HP Honda Civic Wagon

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. There’s nothing inherently exciting about an early 90s Honda Civic. When we throw in the fact that this Honda Civic is a wagon, things get even less exciting. In fact, this is really something that we could picture grandma driving to the grocery store in.

When it comes to these incredibly normal cars, they make some of the best racing machines, though. The fact that somebody took a vehicle that was designed completely with function in mind and transforms it into something entirely different is certainly attention-getting. Things get really interesting when these boring economy cars are turned into pure racing machines.

This time, Jay Leno is joined by the man behind Bisimoto. With him, he brought a creation that is sure to stir up a bit of adrenaline. When it started out, this 1990 Honda Civic wasn’t really anything to look at. However, when it was decked out with a K24 and the front-wheel-drive was dropped in favor of an all-wheel-drive system, things intensified. To really sweeten the deal, we find out the combination is capable of making over 1000 hp. On top of that, it’s all shifted by a sequential gearbox. This thing really has the sleeper factor working in its favor.

By following along with the video below, we get the full tour of all that makes this Civic so special. Let’s just say that there aren’t too many cars on the road that are going to be able to hang with this one. When we consider the fact that its all-wheel-drive system allows it to rocket out of the hole, it’s going to be hard to mess with!

We think that, regardless of what somebody is a fan of, this Civic has something for everyone. Even American muscle fans have to appreciate the thoroughness of this build. – Jay Leno’s Garage