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Demarco Racing’s Buick Is Back, And Ready For ACTION!

For years, Massachusetts racer David DeMarco campaigned this wicked Buick drag car. Over the years, the car was transformed from a mild weekend project to the insane blown badass you see here… Well, sort of.

You see, last year, David made the difficult decision to part ways with the car, only things didn’t go according to plan with the transition to the new owner. The racer who bought the car, who’s asked to remain anonymous for the time being, took his new ride out to make some test hits and get acclimated to the car and get ready to compete in Radial vs the World. However, tragedy struck when the car caught fire and nearly burned to the ground during that very test session, halting the new owner’s plan to jump into the thick of the small tire scene.

The charred remains of the car were delivered back to the Halifax, Massachusetts shop of Dennis MacPherson, the owner of DMC Racing, who had worked with DeMarco to bring about the evolution of the car while David owned and drove it, so it was only right that he be the one to rebuild the car from the ashes.

It’s taken a while, as it seems all but a given that the car had to be stripped down to a bare chassis to be inspected and repaired almost as if it was a brand new build. Over the past few months, DMC Racing has brought the car back to life, and as you can see in the video below, it’s almost completed. In fact, there are no visible clues that the car isn’t ready to go as it sits, but according to MacPherson, there are a few minor things that are needed before the car hits the track again.

The car won’t be ready for this weekend’s YellowBullet Nationals or No Mercy 9 next month due to DMC and the owner’s schedule’s not lining up to allow for testing, but everybody involved is looking forward to when they can go test and find their way back into competition!

We wish the owner much better luck this time around, and send our huge props to Dennis and DMC Racing for rebuilding this badass ride to its former glory.


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