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Dennis Anderson Readying King Sling For Return To Mega Truck Action

Dennis Anderson became a household name as the driver of the iconic GraveDigger monster truck, but that’s not his only high-powered passion. When he’s not soaring high above the arena, putting on a show for Digger’s throngs of fans, Dennis is slinging mud in his mega truck known as King Sling.

It’s been a few years since King Sling did any slinging, though, and Anderson is about to change that. With a huge Mega Truck mud bog meet coming up in May, Dennis wants to return to action in the Mega Truck world, so he’s put the pressure on himself to get the truck back up and running by announcing that he’s going to be at Spring Sling ’19.

Spring Sling, held annually at Perkins International Morotsports Complex in Rowell, Michigan, is a massive mud bog meet with over 1,000 trucks usually in attendance. Unlike many meets that capitalize on the current surge in popularity of jacked up trucks by opening the gates to anybody who wants to play, The Spring Sling is only open to trucks with 44” or taller tires and 500+ horsepower.

While this might seem counter-intuitive, especially to the event’s profitability, this actually makes a lot fo sense. By limiting the entrants to trucks that are actually built to handle the mud easily, the promoters ensure that each truck hitting the bog is capable of keeping the fans entertained. Ensuring the quality of the show ensures more fans will come watch each year, and that’s exactly what has taken place. Year after year, the crowd of spectators grows, so obviously they’re doing something right.

Look for Anderson and King Sling, along with an anticipated 1,000+ other Mega Trucks to descend on the facility in May. You know those “other guys”, each of whom have badass trucks of their own just as capable as Anderson’s, are looking to take out the man himself and ascend to the top of the Mega Truck world! It should be a hell of a show!


Alright, Y'all asked…. So here's your answer! "See Ya in the mud" Spring Sling….. May 2 – 5, 2019

Posted by Dennis Anderson's Muddy Motorsports Park on Wednesday, 16 January 2019

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