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Dennis Anderson’s “King Sling” Throws Down With a Vengeance

For those who have never been around mud trucks, allow us to tell you about Dennis Anderson. He has one of the names that you’re going to want to watch out for. For those unfamiliar, perhaps “Grave Diggermight just grab some attention. The monster truck that basically represents all monster trucks is something that even the most casual fans probably have at least heard of.

Anyway, Anderson seems to have driven Grave Digger to the top but that isn’t where the fun stops. He certainly has a couple of other toys that are a ton of fun to watch. This guy just seems to have an attitude about driving that really pushes trucks to the limit and makes his displays a ton of fun to sink your teeth into.

This is the part where you meet King Sling. Sling is constantly being upgraded and really brings a rowdy package to the table. This is really a machine that’s hard to miss.

When combined with Anderson’s driving style, it’s bound to be a heck of a ride. If you ask those around the mega truck community, they’ll probably tell you that King Sling is one of the meanest trucks ever to hit the mud. The monster has menacing looks and the performance to back all of it up when it’s time to get dirty and when Dennis lays into the long, skinny pedal, this thing absolutely screams its way straight into your heart.

From big air to the deep bogs, this monster can conquer it all. This time, Busted Knuckle Videos is on location to catch all of the action that King has to offer in the Hog Waller Freestyle. This machine is nothing short of an all-out adrenaline rush.

See the beast in action below. We would recommend a seat belt. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. – BustedKnuckleVideo