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How Truck And Car Tires Come To Life

Sometimes, there are basic necessities in our lives that are easy to take for granted. After all, how frequently does the common person think about their tires? Modern tire technology has been evolved to the point we don’t even have to consider it. The less time that we spend thinking about our tires, the better, to be honest.

However, the rubber under our rides serves a multitude of functions. Before it, vehicles certainly weren’t anything close to what they are today.

Without modern rubber tires, rides would be much more inefficient. The rubber under our vehicles helps us do everything from saving money on fuel economy all the way to having a more comfortable ride. In fact, without them, our lives would be downright miserable when commuting. While all of this remains true, we don’t even think twice about the tires beneath us. This time, though, we get to appreciate the rubber that makes our rides so much better.

So, how hard could it be to produce good tires? It can’t be that complicated, right? Just pour some rubber into a mold and you’re good to go. Well, it turns out that it’s actually not that simple. There are some complex processes that go into making tires come to life.

For example, tires aren’t just made of rubber. Instead, they feature other aspects like fabric and chemical additives to give them their best qualities. By following along with the video below, we get the opportunity to step inside of watching exactly how a tire is made. After watching this one, we get a feeling that some people will grow an all-new appreciation for the rubber beneath their rides.

Who knows? Before long, we might have another way of making tires. There have even been tire designs that don’t need air at all. For now, though, this is as good as it gets!