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Desert Side-by-Side Racing Taken to an Entirely New Level

In the world of side-by-sides, the sky is literally the limit. Some of these machines make some serious power and, when combined with a driver who is in it to win it, we never know what could possibly happen. With the lightweight nature of the machines paired with these two factors, things can get downright insane.

If you’re lucky enough to hop behind the wheel of an off-road vehicle like a UTV, make no bones about it that one of these things will be designed to be abused. Nobody buys a purpose-built off-road vehicle with the aim of maybe laying into it once or twice and driving around like it’s not meant to be beaten on, but instead, people generally stretch their machines like these to the limits, trying to find out where the breaking points lie and taking the poor 4x4s right up to that barrier. Sometimes, though, in this pursuit of action, things can get a little bit too intense, sending a vehicle like this past where those limits lie and potentially even bracing for impact.

In this situation, we check out a group that makes the most of their side-by sides. The action comes at us in a couple of different formats from drag racing to an air catching competiton to a little bit of night riding that lights up the desert! All three really bring the adrenaline as we see what some of these crazy machines are capable of at Huckfest. The action is really turned up here and we would recommend keeping those eyes peeled because we never know what’s coming next.


Below, we see the limits pushed and some folks going home with a couple of bruises. What goes up must come down and sometimes, it just so happens to come down rather hard!

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